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Here is a annotated, illustrated list of websites about wildhorses. Use these sites for planning a vacation with wild horses, or learning about wild horses, or helping preserve wild horses. Adoption opportunities.

You may use these images and videos of wild horses in your homework, or other non-commercial uses. Please mention the names of the photographers or videographers. When you use information from the linked websites, please give a link to the websites.

Trail Rides to See Wild Horses in California

Trail Ride to see Mustangs in the Wild
Frontier Pack Train offers a variety of rides, one of them featuring wild horses. From their website: Ride with us as we track and observe the unbridled, untamed, wild mustang horse. Take a step back in time as we explore the past of the Truman Meadow Area in the Inyo National Forest [in California]. Spend four days observing the free roaming herds, blooming wildflowers and other resident wildlife including the mountain lion, a horse's natural predator. After a day in the saddle, relax, watch the sunset and enjoy a hearty meal prepared by our cook over an open fire. Each evening after dinner, discussions will be led by our experienced guides and guest speakers, focusing on the history, social behavior and uncertain future of these proud animals.

This is a trip for those who would like to experience the life of a cowboy out on the range. An active riding trip for people of all ages and riding levels. The group will operate from a base came and will ride out each day to the open range surrounded by high mountains. Don't miss four days of hospitality, home cooking and the thrill of western life. Cost $500 per person

Dude Ranches and Yoga

Here some websites for ranches that teach EFEL--Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning; participants deepen their yoga practice by communicating with horses. : .

Also, there is a book, Yoga for Equestrians: A New Path for Achieving Union with the Horse by Linda Benedik and Veronica Wirth.


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