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A Place For Human Beings

Cannabis-infused philosophy. Non-linear, outrageous, colorful.

A Place For Human Beings was the #1 bestseller at Esalen for three years.

Over 7,000 copies sold. The first edition, 1974, had a plain blue perfect-bound paper cover and a black-on-white dust jacket.

The second edition, 1978, had a white-on-blue perfect-bound paper cover.

Both editions are sold out, but used and collectible copies are available:

ABE BOOKS A Place for Human Beings both editions colectibles

AMAZON: A Place for Human Beings both editions colectibles


Harold the Oarange Juice Boy

By Sidney Damon

Kindle only
Harold the Orange Juice Boy

ABC Sillies Jan Portugal, the artist, wrote and illustrated this amusing little alphabet book.

Potted Plant Organic care Nancy Portugal (Jamello) Jody Main wrote this useful, fun book about growing house plants and making compost. We think it was the first totally-organic house plant book. Used and collectible copies available on Amazon.com.

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